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Mercury Ore Processing Equipment

Mercury Ore Processing Equipment

Mercury Ore Processing Equipment

World mercury resources of approximately 700,000 tons, the basic reserves of 300,000 tons. The world's mercury deposits are mainly distributed in the Tethys - Himalayan tectonic belt, the main types of mercury deposits in carbonate, clastic and magmatic rock type.

So antimony ore beneficiation equipment manufacturer is becoming more and more.

Mercury Ore Beneficiation Process

For coarse-grained disseminated mercury ore, hand-selected and pre-selection is the more traditional methods. But in general, mainly mercury beneficiation methods to re-election and flotation. Next we will introduce you to the mercury ore processing methods and mercury ore processing equipment

  1. the re-election

    Equipment re-election of mercury ores jigger and shaker, jigger recovery of coarse,medium-grained level of mercury ore, a double for the recycling of fine-grained level of mercury ore, shaking with the Sec re-election process recycling mill mercury ore minerals in the fine-grained. But in the beneficiation process, the mercury ore crusher will be used jaw crusher, crusher, ball mill etc. mercury ore processing equipment.

  2. the flotation

    Flotation Another application of the more common mercury ore beneficiation, mercury ores can be floating, flotation method not only can be recovered in the cinnabar ore, mercury and a variety of natural mercury, mercuric chloride mineral effective recycling. Flotation can also be used mercury-containing multi-metal ore.

Mercury Ore Processing Equipment

Shanghai SBM is a high technology engineering group,mercury ore processing equipment is one of our good products.SBM can according to the needs of your dressing and the actual situation of the mine for you to choose the most appropriate and effective machine. Our company will create a perfect product line for you.

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