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YKN Vibrating Screen

YKN Vibrating Screen

Technical specifications: YKN vibrating screen is the sieve in twenty years of vibration sieve design experience on the basis, combined with the advanced vibrating screen manufacturing technology development success of high strength induced vibration of high Xiaoyuan vibration. Suitable for handling all kinds of ore and rock, which contain no more than 5% moisture, bulk density and bulk density, mainly used in the screening operation of building materials, mining, chemical industry, cement and other industries.

Application:For sieving sand quarry stone, also can make product classification for coal mining, mineral processing, building materials, power and chemical industry etc..

Production capacity:100-850t/h

YKN Vibrating screen unique advantages

Equipment running smoothly

The equipment motor is connected with the intermediate transmission shaft through a triangle belt, the middle transmission shaft is connected with the vibration exciter through a flexible coupling, and the whole device torque transmission has no axial force transmission.

The overall force is more reasonable

Vibrator directly fixed in the sieve box side, generated by the exciter forces through center of the side plate, and the finite element analysis of the screen box of optimization calculation, sieve box as a whole and the side force more reasonable.

Structure optimization

To screen frame optimization calculation is carried out using the finite element analysis technology; side using the overall bending parts, not easy to produce welding crack; exciter through adjusting vice eccentric block number, they can meet different exciting force requirements, meet the requirements of different amplitudes.

Convenient maintenance

This series of vibrating screen by synchronous tooth shaped belt structure, compared to the gear and synchronizer, light weight, convenient maintenance; exciter adopts external eccentric block structure, than the shaft eccentric vibrator mounted and disassembled conveniently, easier maintenance; universal joint connection between the exciter, install the replacement of flexible.

YKN vibration screen working principle

Vibrating Screen

This series of vibrating screen with eccentric block as the source of vibration to drive the sieve box for circular vibration, its working principle is: screen box through the elastic support on the base (or base), eccentric block is mounted on the spindle, spindle mounted on the side of screen box through a bearing and the bearing seat.

The electric motor drives the intermediate drive shaft through the triangle belt, the intermediate drive shaft drives the main shaft to rotate, the main shaft rotates to drive the eccentric block to rotate, and the inertia force generated by the eccentric block forces the screen box to generate vibration. With the continuous operation of the motor, the vibrating screen can be used to approximate the circular motion and realize the continuous screening operation.

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