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Raymond Mill

Raymond  Mill

Technical specifications: Raymond mill is widely used in metallurgy, building materials, chemical industry, mining and other fields in mining materials of the grinding process, suitable for processing a Mohs hardness of 7 below, the humidity below 6% of all non inflammable and explosive materials, fineness between 613 mu m~44 m, through the analysis and wind machine together, can meet the requirements of different users.

Material:Mainly used in brittle materials processing, a Mohs hardness of < 9 non inflammable, explosive, such as coal, mica, talc, graphite, quartz, fluorite, calcite, dolomite, limestone, kaolin, bentonite, barite, potassium feldspar, precious stones coke, coal gangue.

Application:Widely used in paint, paper, paint, rubber, plastics, fillers, cosmetics, chemicals and other industries.

Raymond mill for Minerals Performance characteristics

Minerals Raymond mill working principle

Raymond mill for minerals set structure is composed of host and analysis machine, pipe device, a blower, a product of cyclone separator, jaw type crusher, bucket elevator, electromagnetic vibration feeder, an electric motor. The host is composed of a machine frame, Raymond mill inlet volute, blade and grinding roller and grinding ring, shell and motor.

Work will need to be crushed material from the side of the hood shell into the hopper joining machine, hanging in the host plum frame mill roller device from around the axis perpendicular to the revolution, and rotation, due to the action of rotating centrifugal force, grinding and swings outward, tightly pressed on the grinding ring, spade shovel materials sent to the grinding roller and grinding ring, because of the grinding roller rolling to the comminuted material.

project case

project case

India stone powder factory

Customer situation: India stone powder factory in our company purchased a 5R4121 Raymond mill, for limestone grinding processing. An important component of the Raymond mill are used high-quality steel, especially wear parts using the high wear resistance materials, greatly reducing the frequency of replacement of wear parts. Equipment running stable, very few failures, customer satisfaction.

Material: Limestone

Finished: 200 mesh

project case

calcium powder processing plant

Customer situation:Sichuan a calcium powder factory to buy 1 sets of 4R3216 processing of calcite from our company. At present, the continuous production of equipment, the failure rate is very low, the product quality is good, widely welcomed by the market. Customers consider the expansion of the scale, then we buy a mill.

Material: calcite

Fineness:325 mesh

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