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MTM Trapezium Grinder

MTM Trapezium Grinder

Technical specifications:MTM trapezium grinder is our company on the basis of many years of R & D industrial mill, the introduction of world-class industrial milling technology, technical expert and engineering staff after careful design, test and improve the development of the world's leading industrial mill.

Application: Applicable to building materials, chemical industry, metallurgy, mining, thermal power, coal and other industries product material grinding processing.

Material:Grinding Mohs hardness below 9.3 and humidity below 6% of all non inflammable and explosive mineral materials, such as cement raw material and clinker), coal, talc, feldspar, quartz, iron ore, mica, calcite, limestone, barite, potassium sulfate, bentonite, over a thousand kinds of material.

MTM Trapezium Grinder Outstanding advantages

High precision of finished product

In the case of constant speed, improve the density of the blade can improve the fineness of the finished product. In other words, in the case of finished product fineness does not need to change, the high density of the impeller can be lower than the low density of the impeller speed. By reducing air resistance, the same power output increased by more than 50%.

Better stability

The host, the powder selecting machine and the blower are connected with a soft connection, which reduces vibration and noise, and avoids the damage to the equipment, and also avoids the influence on the quality of the finished product. The tilted duct, to ensure access to the inlet volute wind smoothly along the slope into the host grinding chamber.

The greater the pressure roller

Trapezium mill draw Raymond mill and suspended roller mill has the advantages. The grinding roller assembly is placed through a pull rod and a horizontal spring connected together, the radial force avoid bulk material of the spindle and the bearing of the loss, also in the common effect of high pressure spring and centrifugal force, and the material is filled into extrusion, and increase yield.

High economic efficiency

Three dimensional structure, small size, complete sets of. From the block to the finished product powder independent from a production system, a one-time investment of less. Under ideal conditions, the unit through the energy consumption and new to the energy consumption per unit of material were 1.02kWh/t 1.48kWh/t compared with the same milling low 60% above.

More efficient energy saving

Using high efficiency blade wheel type energy saving fan, the efficiency is greatly improved compared with the straight vane type fan. Traditional milling machine equipped with the prismatic blade fan efficiency is only 62%, and the impeller and blade are stamping energy-saving cited fan efficiency is more than 85%.

The high level of environmental protection

The host and the powder selecting machine adopts flexible connection, damping spring and the sealing strip is to reduce vibration and noise, but also avoid resonance. Efficient dust removal equipment, strict parts processing technology, to ensure that the dust pollution is reduced to a minimum, to achieve the national standard.

MTM Trapezium Grinder working principle

Bulk materials by jaw type crusher, crushing to the desired size, by the elevator to send the materials to hopper, electromagnetic vibration feeder material uniformly and quantitatively by continuously into host grinding chamber of the grinding. Grinding material is fan airflow into the powder selecting machine classification, in the powder selecting machine impeller, does not meet the requirements of the fineness of the materials fall into the grinding chamber of the re grinding, conforms to the requirements of the fineness of the material is with the gas flowing through the pipes into the cyclone powder, were isolated and collected, the discharging device discharge is refined powder. After separation by cyclone powder collector top return air duct into the fan. The system is a closed loop system, and is operated under the condition of positive and negative pressure.

The grinding chamber is grinding materials contain a certain amount of water, grinding heat will cause grinding indoor gas vaporizing expansion and change the gas flow in the system, and the inlet and the pipe joint sealing problem, outside air into the system of gas loss to balance. Therefore, by setting the air exhaust fan in the pipe valve will be excess gas into the bag type dust collector, and the purification after discharge, in regulating the balance of system flow, at the same time achieve environmentally friendly production.

project case

project case

MTM100 grinding production line

Customer situation:Finished product for steel desulfurization, and Baosteel, Masteel, long-term cooperation, more than ten years of industry experience; has from our purchased three sets of YGM9517 suspended roller mill, 2 sets of MTM100 trapezium grinder, and our cooperation up to 12 years.

Material: limestone

Operation: 22-24 hours

Finished: 300 mesh, the selection of the powder machine speed of 320~350r/min, 90% screening rate.

project case

kaolin processing plant

Customer situation:Local influential kaolin processing enterprises, has from my company purchased two high-pressure grinding roller suspension MTM130, the equipment for our company's patent product, creating a international industrial milling efficiency, low energy consumption of new era. At present, the equipment is stable, and the production capacity is much higher than expected.

Material: Kaolin

Fineness:250 mesh

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